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We Run Osage, Osage Runs Milwaukee, Milwaukee Runs the World

Who are we?

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A Modern Day Opera

I want to thank a “few” people before I start this post. This post is the culmination of thousands of years of blood, sweat and tears. The list of people I’d truly like to thank would fill a book but … Continue reading

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WAAAAAR!! Who Are We Fighting?

Note: I was going to post this to the MilTownKlan blog, but I could get the embed below to work. When last left you I told you I needed to retreat in order to advance later. Well… I retreated HARD. I made … Continue reading

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UFC is Garbage

[Picture of Dragon Ball Z Competition Platform] Join the real World Martial Art’s Tournament at this year’s [Picture of Push Hands Platform] Orlando Kung Fu – Wushu – Tai Chi – Sanda World Championship I’m accepting all challengers. Can’t get the … Continue reading

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I saw this day coming on Nov  6, 2008. I experienced this day in the post below (explained from the point of view of Casey, the video above with Goku (me) was my experience). If I saw this coming 5 … Continue reading

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A Man of Two Worlds

I figured this could be a pretty kick ass title for a book about my life while on the phone with my home-brother Marcus last night. Figured it would have been taken, and it was, but I’m glad it was … Continue reading

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Own Your Movement

The UNIVERSE sent me the above message some days ago. I have a list of goals I need to accomplish to have “owned my (Casey’s) movement.” My movement (one of them anyway) is the Pwing Life movement. Here is the … Continue reading

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