Thrilla in Manila

I spur of the moment decided that I’m going to boogie off to the Philippines this weekend and compete in a BJJ/Grappling tournament being held there.  This event should have more competitors than HK did, so I should be able to get a lot of fights in.

I’m going to win a lot of gold this tournament… A LOT!  This will be my chance to come home with 4 gold metals (over 2 days.)  Something I haven’t done yet.

I definitely will NOT forget to bring my camera on this trip!

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3 Responses to Thrilla in Manila

  1. miltownmom says:

    Good Luck! I’ll be looking forward to some pictures.

  2. miltownmom says:

    Hope the typhoon doesn’t drench your plans.

  3. Ian Dawg says:

    Kick ’em in the bum!

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