Coffee With Tash (and a Dash of Bling)

This past Wednesday I met Tash for coffee at Starbucks. The best part was neither one of us ordered coffee, we just put the comfy chairs to use. I let Tash take a look at me book “Your Money or Your Life” and we caught up a bit. She recently got back from a trip “home.” So I asked her some questions, she replied, then she asked me something, etc.

My shoes got into the conversation somehow and that produced this shot:


Tash will be doing some web design work and hopefully helping me out with some thangs. That should be a good thing.

I got to see Tash again at the Happy Hour on Thurday and got another picture.

Tash and I

Now it’s time to go CHOKE MUTHA FUCKAHS OUT!!!

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One Response to Coffee With Tash (and a Dash of Bling)

  1. tash says:

    yikes! all this spotlight on me i guess i better update my blog!

    oh, and that should be Stambuck’s, not Starbuck’s. typo, i guess 😉

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