I’ll be gone in the morning

I’m off to Penghu in the morning. I stayed up late putting finishing touches on Andy’s website. I thought I wasn’t going to finish it (because I didn’t get my hands on the domain), but instead of giving up I bought www.taiwanbjj.info (for $2,88) and put the site there. It’s not the domain he wants (that’s caught up in transit), but it’s better than nothing I think.

I was investigating Photo Blog and Image Gallery software today and will probably go with something soon. I have a bunch of pictures I want to scan in and pictures on the computer to share. I think what I’ll do is have a section of the site for photos and media. That way when I blog, I’ll just focus on writing. Normally I spend a bunch of time getting pictures setup for uploading and all that crap.

My site will probably be going through some major revision soon too. Uh, yeah. If I happen to get on the Intraweb while I’m gone I’ll post again, otherwise you’ll hear from me again Monday.



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