As to not waste to much time thinking of a title for this post I wrote the first thing my eyes laid sight on (or something). Actually, that works out rather well. Fotocom is the maker of that TV tuner/video capture card I installed not so long ago. I put it to use today to make a little movie of me playing Tekken. This movie shows me (and you) what JOBNUMBER kept describing to me. Basically he was telling me how easy it is to get to Tekken Lord status in arcade mode (with a certain character).

In arcade mode you fight stronger and stronger people until you reach the highest ranking “Tekken Lord”, every once in a while you have an opportunity to level up. The movie your going to see is me kicking the crap out of a character ranked “Tekken Lord” using some Heihachi cheese.

I thought I’d make a movie to A: verify the cheese JOBNUMBER spoke of and B: Let people see what the hell I’ve been talking about the last week or so (Tekken wise).

[Heihachi Cheese] Aprox. 1MB (No hot chicks were harmed in the filming of this movie)

I started the CSS book which means that soon you’ll start to see some aesthetic changes around this place (hopefully for the better). I’ll also be going to Ikea later on today to get a desk for the second computer (and finally get my “office” back in order). And as I type this Fedora is getting downloaded on to my computer (I’m going to install that on the second PC).

That’s about it. My ma will be here this Friday and I’m taking 3 days off of work next week to go to Hualian. That should be a nice little vacation. When my room is back in order I’ll get a pic of the new setup.


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